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March 30, 2014

The Best Pocket Knife For Your Money

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The importance of pocket knives is inevitable, though some people hesitate to buy one as they can be somewhat expensive. It is true that pocket knives from reputable manufacturers are pricey though they are actually worth buying. They have lots of versatile features, though they are portable and very handy for comfortable daily usage. As they are the best companions for everyone, they are very essential to own. If you are one of those people who want to find the best pocket knife for the money, then go on reading this article. You can get some ideas of manufacturers’ latest pocket knives which will not break anyone’s account.

The first thing to consider before choosing a pocket knife, you should choose the one that meets your requirements and preferences. Some options include tactical knives, single knives, traditional knives, Swiss knives and so forth. Well, multi-tool knives are the best alternatives because they can cater to any demand users. It is best to find several reviews of the best pocket knives for the money so you can narrow down your search based on the knife’s durability, quality, grip, and surely, price.

Buck 110

This brand remains as the most popular kind of pocket knife since the 60’s. Buck is the name that every knife collector hunts for and all products from Buck Knives always are the best selling ones. The main highlight from Buck knives is its high quality rust-resistant steel that no other brand has. This manufacturer pays attention on a very well-made knife with outstanding lock to avoid blade-play in both directions. Just like its predecessors, Buck 110 has sturdy characteristics, so it can accomplish various heavy tasks without any difficulty. Though it looks large, it is very lightweight and easy-to-keep.

This knife gets highest ratings among other brands of pocket knife at Amazon. This product might be simpler than pocket knives from Benchmade. Yet, it already suitable for those who love outdoor adventures or campers. Its original price is $30 though Amazon and other online stores may offer discounts or special prices with certain terms and conditions.

Mini Griptilian from Benchmade

Every knife collector knows that Benchmade is always the best manufacturer for pocket knives and its Griptilian types are the most popular ones. Benchmade specializes in folding knives with the best prices possible. Especially for the Mini Griptilian, this is a very versatile pocket knife with excellent design for everyday-carry knife. With very sharp drop-point blade of high quality stainless steel, it is famous for its versatility. The ergonomic design is popular for better grip.

The Mini Griptilian applies special mechanism that all Benchmade knife has, AXIS sturdy lock. The steel bar can shift back and forward into a slot by a small, sturdy spring, though it can engage into the blade tang section when it is opened. With very lightweight features, it is also light in price. It is more expensive than Buck 110 though it is much cheaper than other Benchmade knives which might cost more than $100.

The Tenacious from Spyderco

This is another product from Spyderco, which is classified as the best pocket knife for the money. The Tenacious is popular among knife enthusiasts who are fanatics on using Spyderco products. The price is much cheaper than any other Spyderco knives though it is very flexible for everyday usage. Its overall design has good ergonimical design for very handy and comfortable hold. Once you take a look at its performance at a glance, you will notice that this is the product from Spyderco. This tactical knife is flexible for both EDC and other purposes that need heavy tasks. Though it is made of stainless steel handle with skeletonized design, it is very lightweight and fit to anyone’s hand.

The main highlight from The Tenacious is its leaf-shaped steel blade that is very sharp. Its sturdy characteristic is shown from its broad design. It has different look of a thumb hole that allows nice flowing blade deployment for safer usage. Its self-adjusted pivot tension is very convenient, not to mention its movable four- way pocket clip for simpler movement to either blade side.

Schrade SCHF24

The shape of this Schrade beauty is very simple and it is another option for low-priced pocket knife for those who have limited budget. This series has what buyers want from ergonomic design, kydex sheath and G-10 handles. With 8cr13mov steel, it is sturdy though it needs regular maintenance by routine resharpening. Both the design and main purpose are worth the price—which does not cost more than$30.
Those aforementioned products are only to name a few from abundant choices pocket knives which are available in the market. They represent pocket knives with dependable and versatile features. All you have to do is to determine your intended use. Not all folding knives are made for the same purposes. You can also narrow down your search by finding the ones with multi-blade or single blade. There are also multitools pocket knives which can be very expensive than the single-blade knives.

The handle of a high quality pocket knife should be resilient and dry from any kind of moisturized objects. When the handle is wet, then it may be very slippery so it is dangerous for doing heavier tasks. G-10 handle is the best option and many reputable brands offer this feature. The handle is laminated with top-notch fiberglass for minimizing water absorption. The more expensive knife has titanium handle with right ergonomics. Pocket knives have to be very comfortable for users to hold.

The size of the knife is also one among several considerations for you to choose the best pocket knife for the money. A small knife has less than 3-inch length and it is best to be slipped within the pocket. It is enough for simple handyman tasks within the house or yard. If you want to have bigger pocket knives, you can choose the one with medium-sized knives with 3.5 inch long. Especially for large-sized knives, there are certain regulations to follow because some states may apply certain rules for users. With all those tips and hints, it is expected that you can choose the best pocket knife, based on your needs and budget.